With a degree in TV and film direction, Rafa Parbus has arrived at a personal
and unique style after working in different fields throughout his career.
After over ten years in film and TV, his most recent work was in the TV
shows “Plaza de España” for TVE1, whose first episode reached top audience
ratings, “La hora de José Mota”, also for TVE1, and the pilot episode
for “Free Radio” for Cuatro. As a film director, he was responsible for the
feature film “Campamento Flipy”, distributed by Buenavista International for
producer Esa Mano Amiga. Since the beginning of his career, directing music
videos for labels including Warner, Subterfuge or Mushroom Pillow, and top
Spanish bands including Deluxe, Pignoise, La Habitación Roja and Sober,
Rafa Parbus has shown an interest in all aspects of film and TV production.
Understanding the directing role as a result of multiple experiences and
influences, he has performed editing and executive production tasks with the
intention of honing his skills.

He has also worked in advertising, earning the trust of renowned brand
names such as Diario El País, Diario As, Canal +, Hyundai, Ssangyong,
Smart, El Correo, Nescafé, Antipiratería, Violencia de Género and Gran Vía

The next natural step in his experience of all aspects of his profession, was
becoming a founding member of “Hill Valley”, a media production company
whose products featured a unique sense of humor and image. His experience
in the company includes directing some episodes of TV show “Muchachada
Nui”and the pilot episode for “Histerias de la Historia”, which allowed him to
direct the show “La Hora de José Mota”. This TV show achieved excellent
results both in terms of critics and audience ratings with its special feature “Es
bello vivir”, aired on New Year's Eve 2008.

Rafa has often combined his work as a director in his own company with his
own projects, not only in film and TV, but also in other areas. As an example
of this, we can highlight his being in charge of the audiovisual department of
the Peñíscola Comedy Film Festival from 2003 to 2007, as well as directing
the opening and closing ceremonies, and its promotional opening video during
that period.

He is currently developing several projects for TV and working as an
executive producer for feature film “25 metros”, which is right now in
production and is written by Ignacio del Moral and David Planel, and directed
by the latter.